Heavy Duty Truck Tyre Sealant

Heavy Duty Truck Tyre Sealant

Heavy duty truck tyre sealant is designed for heavy duty vehicles, repairs tread area puncture diameter up to 15mm.

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Repair puncture diameter up to 15mm

Maintain tyre pressure

Reduce downtime

Improve fuel efficiency


For Trucks, Buses, Coaches, and other heavy duty commercial vehicles, speed above 50km/h (30mph).


Q: How does Eversafe tyre sealant work to protect my wheels?
A: It uses a special formula made of fiber, rubber and glue that instantly seals any holes in the tyre. Therefore tyre's pressure is maintained and you are saved from having a flat tyre. Once you realize you have a nail on your tyre, pull the nail out and spin the tyre so the liquid inside the tyre can instantly seals the hole.

Q: Is Eversafe safe for long-drive use?
A: Yes. Before we started selling tyre sealant to public, we have tested the product to ensure the safety of the users. From our research, we found that Eversafe is safe for long-drive usage and for high-speed usage. Please use Eversafe as recommended and check tyre's pressure periodically.

Q: How big of a nail hole can Eversafe instantly seal?
B: Eversafe will instantly seals holes caused by nails with diameter up to 15 mm. If you use Eversafe tyre sealant, then you will not have to worry about these nails strewn on the road.

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