Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant

  • Heavy Duty Truck Tyre Sealant

    Heavy duty truck tyre sealant is designed for heavy duty vehicles, repairs tread area puncture diameter up to 15mm.
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  • On-road Tyre Sealant

    on road tyre sealant this formula is designed for on road use in the tubeless tyres of heavy trucks, semi-trailers, coaches & buses and other on road vehicles over 5 tons that may travel at...
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  • Heavy Duty off Road Tyre Sealant

    heavy duty off road tyre sealant Eversafe Heavy duty off road tyre sealant is glycol based formula, this puncture free sealant is used for off road vehicles, like mining, quarrying, logging, and...
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  • Heavy Truck Tire Sealant

    Heavy truck tire sealant Tire repair liquid puncture sealant for heavy truck, trailers and buses tires. It contains ethylene glycol, fiber, rubber particles which immediately and permanently...
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  • Dirt Bike Tire Sealant

    Dirt Bike tire sealant How to avoid flat tires on your bike? The dirt bike tire sealant is glycol based, It is an essential aid to operators of vehicles that suffer harsh off-road terrain. It will...
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  • Tyre Sealant for off-road Vehicles

    tyre sealant for off-road vehicles It is designed for off-the-road vehicles that required extra protection in extreme operating conditions, like the military, landfills, quarries, construction...
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  • Prevention Tire Sealant

    Prevention tire sealant It is a prevention gel that turn the tires into self-sealing tires. It helps maintain its pressure better than untreated tires, Properly inflated tires that are balanced...
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