• Car Tyre Inflator Tire Pump With CE Certificate ES-228

    The tyre inflator is designed for car tyre, light truck tyre, bike tyre and other inflatables. It is with powerful motor, pump a standard tire from 0-2.5 bar within 5 minutes, fill tyre air only 2...
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  • 12V Portable Auto Tire Inflator

    12V Portable auto tire inflator This nicely sized portable air pump can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0-35 PSI in 5 minutes. It has a max pressure of 100 PSI...
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  • DC 12V Car Mini Tire Inflator

    DC 12V Car mini tire inflator This is a portable electric auto tire inflator pump, the housing material is Metal, The longer cylinder stroke enable the inflator have a much lower...
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  • Motorcycle Mini Tire Inflator Pump

    Motorcycle mini tire inflator pump This is a mini air compressor for motorcycle application. It is with small clips for connecting with battery, easy to get power for air inflation...
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  • Electric Bicycle Pump

    Electric Bicycle Pump This is a mini electric air inflator pump for bicycle, minicar, motorcycle, toys, balls and airbed. It's light and portable, with high pressure max to 300PSI...
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  • Portable Tire Inflator for Scooter

    Portable tire inflator for scooter This is a scooter/Mopeds tyre pump, it gets power from the vehicle's battery, the power is 72V. Just image, when you drive your scooter outside...
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