• Car Tire Sealant Kit

    car tire sealant kit Flax fix, tire sealant kit to keep you out on the road. No one likes being stranded by the roadside and having to either install a tiny spare wheel that will slow you down- or...
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  • Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

    emergency tyre repair kit Flat tires are the best way to ruin your day. One of the best methods is you have an emergency tyre repair kit, which supply you the tire sealant and tire pump anytime....
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  • Sealant Hand Pump

    Sealant hand pump It is for 5gallon drum tyre sealant installation application. T-hand with a round cap. One full stroke is around 300ml, total 9 scales for measurement in the T-hanle.
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  • Valve Core Tool

    Valve core tool This is for removing tire valve core. During sealant installation, you need use this tool to unscrew the tyre valve core, and deflate tire air pressure. Next install tire sealant...
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