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What Is The Most Atmospheric Pressure Of The Car Charging Pump?
May 08, 2018

It is light and easy to carry, and it is convenient to use. The appearance of the air pump has played an important role in the normal use of the tire. So do you know what the atmospheric pressure of the vehicle is? Here's how to answer this question.

What is the most atmospheric pressure of the car charger?

The maximum pressure of the single cylinder of the vehicle is up to three pressures, and the maximum of the two cylinders can reach up to seven pressures. Generally speaking, the pump output pressure of the dual cylinder is much higher than that of the single cylinder.

How many gas does the car pump have to fight? Automobile tire pressure depends on the seasonal weather, from the point of vehicle weight and tire wear, tire fill gas, such as tire under weight, are likely to affect use, specific can refer to you buy the vehicle's specifications, at the same time, also had better consider the tyre wear.

General car tyres 2.5 in winter, summer, 2.5 on the tire sidewall tire can withstand the highest pressure, generally reasonable air pressure of tires on the highest of 70% 80%, but it is best not to air pressure is higher than the highest pressure on tire marks. Suvs are not the same as truck tires. There will be a recommended tyre pressure on the car manual, and the higher the load, the higher the pressure will be.

The tire pressure value between 2.3 and 2.5 is normal. You can also install the tire pressure monitoring system. The tire pressure is too high or too low. The standard air pressure of the tire should be kept in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, including the preparation of fetal air pressure.

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