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What Is The Harm Of The Tyre Self-filling Fluid?
Aug 20, 2018

Do you know the tire self-filling? The auto-rehydration solution can quickly fix the air leakage point. Some people are still wondering about this. Do not know whether the tyre self-filling fluid is useful?

The damage of the tire is summarized as follows;

The friction of the tyre is quite serious, as well as the impact on the car's shock absorber. In addition, the automatic tire repair liquid tire has certain harm to tyre, used tire repair after fluid, tire surface more or less will suffer corrosion, and form a colloid protective film in the tire surface will affect polished and paste in the process of tire, tire repair will have difficulty again, there are also unable to fill fetal risks. The drawback of the tyre self-filling fluid is that it is very corrosive to the wheel rim, especially the aluminum wheel rim.

The vacuum fetal self-replenishing liquid is made up by the pressure principle. If it is used, it will be harmful to the tire. If vacuum tire since rehydration with glue is not good, will lead to tire rims rust, we bought in vacuum tire since rehydration when there is a simple way to test, with vacuum tire since rehydration PH test paper to test, the PH value at about 7 best since rehydration (belongs to acidic PH less than 7, belongs to alkaline PH value is greater than 7), acid and alkali are low on steel corrosion is the lowest, of course, this also depends on the quality of the steel wheel, stainless steel, carbon content from 0.4% to 0.4%, iron carbon content is more than 4%, and also some rims there is any breakage, listed in the welding surface, these places will be more easy to rust.

Tips: make up the suggestion that we should go to the garage to fix the tire, pull out the punctured tire and then repair it professionally! After all, repair fluid is only temporary replacement of supplies, is emergency supplies, can not rely on long-term.

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