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What Does The Car's Air Pump Needle Look Like?
May 08, 2018

A tire is the foot of a car. If it is not properly maintained, it will not work properly and it will affect the safety of driving. However, the appearance of the air pump in the car plays a vital role in the normal use of the tire, and the on-board air pump can keep the tire pressure in normal value. The tire pressure will not be high or low, which will solve the trouble caused by the explosion in the road. Anyone who has used a car charger knows that there is a dial on the pump. Do you know what the pump needle is?

What does the car's air pump needle look like? The following is summarized as follows;

Automobile tires inflated, about 3 minutes can reach 30 psi (2.2-2.5 kg), this is the normal tire pressure, such as start to inflate automatic shutdown, instrument display rapidly rising, show that the air is blocked, no air into the tire, the need to immediately remove the gas mouth, again, otherwise the instrument chip will be damaged. Inflatable, gauge pointer will rise with the tire saturation level, when the pointer to proper tire pressure (general automobile tire pressure for the 2.2 3 kg), close the start switch, remove the plug and gas mouth, inflatable work is completed.

The needle of the vehicle is also divided into the internal and external dial. If the external dial pointer guides 60, it is recommended that you read the instruction manual. The standard air pressure of automobile tyre is 2.5kg in winter and 2.7kg in rear wheel. The front wheel of summer is 2.3kg and the rear wheel is 2.5kg. This ensures safe driving and comfort, and minimizes fuel consumption.

Warm prompt: automotive air compressor for car or other devices aeration process, suggest that we don't leave the body, and pay close attention to the change in pressure at any time, must not exist saturation phenomenon.

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