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What About The Insufficient Pressure Of The Electric Charging Pump?
Aug 15, 2018

We all know that in the course of driving, if the tire is not air, it is very dangerous. Therefore, many car owners have car charging pump in the car, so what about the insufficient pressure of the electric charging pump? Let me introduce you.

If the electric charging pump is not enough pressure, first find the leak point of the gas line and seal it. Try to adjust the screw of the pressure relay. If the motor turns, the air pressure will not go up and check the air cylinder.

Tire is ever lost gas phenomena are on-board inflator pump gauge testing, the tire is a very important automotive safety driving parts, due to the reason of the tire accident consequence is very serious, tire pressure is the life of the tire, so keep going under in the correct tire pressure, the owner's personal safety and car maintenance are of great benefit.

A lot of car owners will have such experience, in the tire inflatable store for their car to be filled with the car, the road, feeling the noise in the car, the brakes on the brakes, sitting in the car. Or it is the feeling that the car will accelerate slowly, the left and right wobble obviously, after a period of observation, the consumption of oil significantly increased. The causes of this phenomenon is because the tyre shop used mechanical tire pressure table 99% inaccurate (use accuracy is poorer, the vast majority of use after a period of time, the mechanical transmission part, there is a big error measured is highly accurate, can not correctly reflect the air pressure), caused by tire pressure higher or lower than the correct tire pressure value (inflation pressure value of the car factory factory), it is very dangerous.

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