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What About The Emergency Refill Fluid?
May 08, 2018

Many car owners usually go to the 4s shop for repairs after a flat tire, but the car owners are usually at a loss when they encounter an emergency or a leak in the highway. It is a relatively new kind of automobile products. Although many drivers have not used it, they are also familiar with it. What about the emergency refill fluid? Let me give you a little bit of detail.

It is the name of the emergency tire that is punctured after the tyre is punctured, and when there is no repair shop nearby, it is possible to repair the small tire puncture with the filling fluid. Not only do not need to replace the spare tire, also do not use the jack, at the same time also in the tyre inflating, after using the tire fluid, can drive to the repair shop normally. From a convenient point of view, emergency tonic fluid is absolutely the best choice.

Driver friends at ordinary times must pay more attention to maintain your vehicle, if because of unexpected circumstances cause tire was broken, can use first emergency tire repair fluid to relieve the flat tires. How to use the car to use the liquid to rely on the spectrum? Shake the filling fluid in your hands for about 1 minute before using the car to make the liquid shake evenly. This will give full play to the role of the tire fluid.

Warm reminders:

It is only in an emergency that the tyre can be used for tyre filling and pumping. It can drive a long way, and the correct measures should be taken after arriving at the car repair shop, such as the replacement of the tire or the replacement of the tire. It can't be used for a long time, because the smell of the tire is bad, and the long stay in the tire will have a serious effect on the tire. Therefore, it is better to know more about the tyre before using it, so as to avoid damaging the tyre or accident due to improper operation.

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