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The Vacuum Tyre Is Good Or The Filling Fluid Is Good
May 08, 2018

With the continuous development of science and technology, besides the continuous upgrading of automobiles. The accessories related to the gas vehicle are also being updated. Now many cars are not equipped with tires. Once the tire has been punctured, it can be used for first aid. Is vacuum bead glue good or fill tire fluid good? Let me give you a little bit of detail.

1. The filling fluid can be quickly repaired, some of which are mixed with gas. It is suitable for the friends who drive long distance cars. It is also convenient to use the filling fluid for frequent jogging. The disadvantage is that there is a great corrosion to the wheel ring, especially the aluminum wheel ring.

2, strip can be a foreign body pierced through effective rapid repairing tires, the disadvantage is that the big hole repairing incomplete, and in the summer when high surface temperature of strip repair place will likely leak again.

3. If the choice is made in the filling tire and tire strips, if the puncture position of the tyre is relatively small, it may be better to consider it from a safety point of view.

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