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The Usage Of Portable Automobile Tire Filling
Jul 21, 2018

Tell you how to use a car tire:

To open the car power supply, connect the pump power supply (cigarette lighter plug), insert one end of the high pressure rubber tube inflator pump gas interface and compaction door bolt, the other end inserted into the tire valve, when heard tires deflated anchored interface door clamp, open air compressor power on, at the same time observe the barometric, closed air compressor power supply when standard tire pressure is reached, loosen the tire valve interface door bolt, allocate high-pressure tracheal breath mouth, and then screw on the valve cover can complete work of tires inflated. You say hand tone is oneself start a work, want oneself to see how much air pressure is filled next, fill the standard tire pressure that your own car tire asks ok, but also have the car that carry automatic stop function car dozen air pump. Safe and reliable, easy to operate.

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