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The Role Of The Car Toolbox
Aug 24, 2018

Driving in the car is a common means of transportation, we will inevitably encounter a small accident, an accident we will go to deal with, so must be used with car tools, such as pump, flashlights, medical emergency kits, trailer rope, battery line, tire repair tools, inverter, etc. These tools can't be used everywhere, if they are misplaced, we won't find them when we use them. If there's a car toolbox at this point, it's not very convenient.

The function of the car toolbox is summarized as follows;

The automobile toolbox is a kind of container used to store vehicle maintenance tools. It is characterized by small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to receive. You imagine, if we put the car accessory tools are summarized to the toolbox, so very convenient, if the car following tools in the box, can use the convenient traffic.

The automobile essential emergency tools are summarized as follows;

A fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle, but many car owners do not have a fire extinguisher for their car, and they can't help it when there is a danger.

2. Safety hammer. When the owner is in an emergency situation, if he needs to break the window, he should use the safety hammer to smash the four corners of the window, because the middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest.

3. Jack, the car jack is placed in the car's toolbox, which is used to lift the body when replacing the spare tire.

4, triangular warning signs, it is a very important tool, in the event of a sudden things, put it in the rear, to remind the rear vehicle, avoid in time, avoid secondary accident. Triangle warning signs are usually placed in the trunk.

5. The spanner, like the jack, the new car is usually fitted with a tire wrench.

6. It is common to have a puncture tool + air pump, which is common on the road. If you do not reach the remote section of the store, you will not be able to do it every day. So, the small editor recommends that each owner, at least the owner of the long distance, should be equipped with the first aid kit for a set of tires.

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