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Is The Tyre Fluid Available In The Plateau Area?
May 08, 2018

Out in People's Daily life, is inevitable, but the outer drive, also hard to avoid can meet by the tire phenomenon, many owners of the car is equipped with tyre, we all know that this kind of tyre repair liquid in the plains of our emergency with, fill fetal fluid in plateau area can be used? Let me introduce you.

In plateau environment characteristics: low pressure of oxygen, with the increase of altitude, gradually reduce the air pressure, air density decreases, oxygen also have less absolute, each additional 1000 meters altitude, agreed eleven point five percent drop in air pressure, air density decreases about nine percent; For every 150 meters of cold altitude, the temperature drops by one degree. The average altitude is about 1,000 meters higher, and the temperature drops 6.5 degrees. Therefore, the temperature in the plateau region is colder than other areas of the same latitude, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Low humidity and low humidity; Solar radiation is strong, at an altitude of 3600 meters, ionizing radiation in the universe, ultraviolet intensity is three times the sea level; The road infrastructure is low and the road condition is complicated. Poor road supporting facilities, low gasoline quality. The service network has a small service radius.

Cars drive in the plateau area is a difficult thing, as a result of the plateau environment and the difference of the plain, the car's engine, lubricants, tires, etc will be affected by a certain, if the tyres appear in the plateau is bad phenomenon, if the gas leak is not very serious, don't need timely tire repair, also do not need to use temporary fill fetal fluid, because of the plateau of the tire is because the tire causes pressure big drum, in the case of special need to the tire deflated, so flat tires on the plateau is not serious, can stick to a repair shop to repair.

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