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How To Use The Car Carrier Gas Pump?
May 08, 2018

Car every day, thousands of miles, tire maintenance is very important, tire pressure is insufficient or abnormal tire pressure is too high are tire pressure, easy to trigger a flat tire, reduce affecting seating comfort and fuel consumption increase. Therefore, car tyres must be kept in good condition. If they are not well maintained, they may affect the safety of driving. These problems have been solved since the car was in the air, and the following is to tell you how to use the car pump. I hope you can read the following.

How to use the car carrier gas pump?

1. Check and start the car engine before operating the pump. Then take out the power connector of the pump and connect the cigarette lighter. Be careful to understand the power supply pressure of the pump in advance. If the voltage is too high, please use a battery clip.

2. Insert the top valve of the gas pump into the tire valve directly. When hearing the flat tire, continue to select the copper connector to lock, indicating that the air has been in circulation.

3. Press the start switch on the charging pump with your hand, and you can begin to inflate.

4, read the correct pressure gauge pressure value, when pressure than normal pressure, tire pressure commonly 1.97 2.46 kg/cm2, please hand pressure, according to pressure release button until normal, stop the pressure, when pressure value is lower than the normal pressure, the pump switch Settings ON the position, can begin inflatable, until normal, stop charging.

Tips: please start the car engine when using, to increase power and not to lose battery power. It is important to remember that this vehicle should not be used to inflate large and heavy vehicle tires, such as trucks, vans, buses, etc.

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