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How To Operate Motorcycle Tyre Sealant Correctly?
Aug 22, 2018

Tools: Eversafe tyre sealant, tyre pressure gauge, valve core tool.


The Eversafe tyre sealant is used for preventative, we suggest to install when change new tyre.

Firstly, check the wheel or rim is well.

After checked the above things, pls follow the directions

1. Remove the valve core by valve core tool, deflate tyre. Shake the sealant bottle completely (usually more than 8 times).


2. Remove the sealed film, screw the cap, and connect the tube with cap and valve stem, and squeeze the bottle to make sure the sealant into tyre completely.


3. Replace valve core, inflate tyre pressure to 2.5 bar (35 psi).


4. Finish!

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