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Air Pump Selection Requirements?
May 08, 2018

1, first of all, the power, air compressor's power is determined depending on the type of car, so when buying car air compressor, small car can choose horizontal bar of the low power, cheap and save electricity, enough to use.

2, In the aspect of aeration speed, the aeration speed of the average vehicle filling pump is different, and the small power is inflated slowly and the high power is inflated quickly. If the tire is large, it is recommended to use a high power charging pump.

3, features, vehicle inflator pump should be fully some functions, such as emergency LED light and so on, which is very useful when night air, and can be a good flashlight, multi-usage. It can also be used as a warning light to flash and alert the rear vehicles.

4, pump line is convenient, the charge pump circuit is generally long, 3 meters, if just fold, easy to cause line premature aging damage, so if the air pump has special collection line groove is much better, can greatly extend the life of the line.

Tips: use 5 minutes at a time, rest for 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, when inflating, the person should not leave the body, attention tire pressure at any time, cannot inflate too saturated.

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