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What are the tyre repair tools?
May 08, 2018

Repairing tires is usually made up of fire and cold filling, and the long use is cold filling. The tool is the film, glue, tire grinder, tire breaker, balance machine, and remember to balance after finishing the tire.

The tyre cannot be repaired as follows:

1. The fetal side cannot be repaired.

2. The hole diameter of the puncture penetration is more than 6 mm and cannot be repaired.

3. If the tyre is damaged or deformed, deformation of the tread, rubber is damaged by chemical corrosion or the tire is damaged by air pressure, etc.

4. Other abnormal conditions cannot be repaired. For example: if we can see that there are short of gas from the tire trace of driving (such as the tire with marks of RCC, airtight layer foaming, etc.), it's not worth to repair, because the tire structure may have been destroyed and cannot be used again.

Cars need 3 1 air compressor 2 grilled tire machine dynamic balance 4 jack 5 torque wrench 6 grinder are these more basic as you'd like to open a larger store also want to buy the nitrogen machine lifting machine four-wheel card bus similar jack only machine with different air compressor torque wrench

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