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The tyres should be replaced in time
May 07, 2018

In complaints, there are several new car involved there soon tire package phenomenon, sellers are recognized as quality problem, to avoid safety accident, disappear assist personnel warns customer, when the choose and buy, use car tires note:

1. Select the tyre of the corresponding specification according to the wheel ring specifications.

2. Select a complete set of tyres, including the production enterprise, address, telephone, etc., so as to be able to trace the responsibility of the enterprise after the quality problem occurs.

3. Choose a full set of tires. Tire identification generally include specifications, level, speed level, standard rim, maximum load and the corresponding pressure and tubeless identification, identification, use direction retreaded tire marks, the information such as number of renovation, "CCC" mark. At the same time, you should carefully inspect the surface of the tyre for appearance defects and pay special attention to whether the inner and outer packing is the same.

4. To correctly use the tire, inflate the tyre according to the pressure on the tire sign, and the tire should be filled regularly. Change the new tire in time when the tyre is worn to the specified wear mark.

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