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The reasons for the aeration of the gas pump in the car
May 08, 2018

Nowadays many cars are equipped with car charging pump, especially in the long run, must be equipped with a car charger pump, so the gas pump air pump inflation slow reason? Let me introduce you.

The car's air pump is slow, if not the belt loose; You are the gas pump; The air pump has refueling place; Or lack of oil; The piston of air pump is usually not easy to go wrong; Let's see if there's a leak; You must be calm; Your gas path may still be unsound.

In general, the charging of the car charging pump is mainly the following problems:

1. Check whether its spiral leaf fan is in the opposite direction;

2. Whether there is a problem around the "ventilation tube, motor and leaf fan" under the air pump;

3. The motor coil is broken, or the air pump diaphragm is damaged;

The motor of the pump is broken.

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