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The correct way to keep the car clean is to keep the car clean and clean.
May 07, 2018

If you wash your car, it will make the car look clean and clean, and cleaning your tires and wheels is one of the best ways to make a decent job. At the same time, this is very important for the maintenance of the tyres. However, because these places are often full of dirt, many people use very hard brushes at once, and the result is usually not worth the cost. So how do you clean this part right and quickly?

Before washing the tires, prepare a long brush with a handle so that it can be thoroughly washed. If you can turn the steering wheel around the front wheel, you can wash it more easily. If the tires are not too dirty, you can avoid paying for a special cleanser and wash it with the usual detergent. Unless there's really too much dirt, it might cost a little money.

In addition, you can't wash your tires with a brush, of course, but you can't use them in a chrome plated mirror, leaving a visible scar. The general rule is to wash the large part with a sponge, wash the small place with the brush. On both sides of the tire you can use the brush to brush vigorously. As for some less obvious places, such as the lower side of the oil tank, the exhaust pipe and so on, because it is not obvious easy to be ignored, in the cleaning, you can use the detergent with the brush to brush vigorously.

The exhaust pipe can be cleaned without using the brush. In the appearance of the car, simply clean the part (the tire and the lower part of the knee), even if there are some small stains on the other parts, the whole car still looks bright. On the contrary, it is not so good. So do not think this part is not important, actually this part is the whole car wash the key point.

The best thing to notice is that the tools for cleaning the tires, hubs, and steel rings should not be used in conjunction with other parts of the washing machine. Because this part is very dirty, it is very likely that there will be some dust or little sand in the tool. If you are washing other parts of the car, it may cause damage to the body. If you have to use the tools together, you have to do it at least first, otherwise the car will not be worth the damage.

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