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The abnormal wear of several kinds of tires and their solutions
May 07, 2018

1. Early wear of the central part of the tyre:

The main reason is that there is too much air. Properly increase the tire's filling capacity, can reduce the tire rolling resistance, save fuel. But your is too big, not only influence the vibration performance of the tire, still can make the tyre, the deformation and contact area of the ground is reduced, the normal wear can only be borne by the tread of the central part, forming early wear. If you choose a wide tire on a narrow rim, it will also cause early wear in the central part.

2. Excessive wear on both sides of the tyre:

The main reason is insufficient gas, or long - term overload. When the filling is small or heavy, the contact surface between the tire and the ground is large, so that both sides of the tire contact with the ground to form early wear.

3. Excessive wear on the side of the tyre:

The main reason is that the front wheel positioning is inaccurate. When the external inclination of the current wheel is too large, the outer surface of the tyre is worn out early, and the outer dip Angle is too small or not.

4. Saw tooth wear on the tread of tyre:

The main reason is that the front wheel position the improper adjustment or front suspension system disorders, such as ball head loose kuang, make normal rolling wheel slip or the road wheel positioning and form changing serrated tyre wear.

5. Large wear of individual tires:

Individual tires can be worn out in the early stages of a single wheel, such as the suspension system, the bending of the supporting parts, or the uneven wheel. In this case, the position of the worn wheel should be checked, the working condition of the independent suspension spring and shock absorber should be checked, and the rotation period of the wheel should be shortened.

6. Wear of the tire:

The cause of the alopecia in the individual parts of the tire is the poor balance of the tyre. When the unbalanced wheel is rotating at high speed, the individual parts are stressed and wear faster, while the steering is not good and the performance is poor.

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