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How to maintain air pressure stability in winter car tire?
May 07, 2018

With strong cold air coming, the car owners are busy shopping for "winter clothes". However, in many maintenance details, the car owners often neglect the "shoes" -- the maintenance of the tires. Here, I want to give you a reminder, car tire maintenance, in the winter car maintenance, is a top priority.

In the cold winter, tyre rubber is also stiffer than in the summer, and even though many cars are equipped with seasonal tires, the icy, slippery road also tests the grip of the tires. Therefore, it is very necessary to change the winter tire. If not, you should also pay attention to the maintenance and safe use of the tires.

In winter, tires, rubber can harden it becomes relatively fragile, will reduce the friction coefficient, so it requires the tire pressure is too high, but more is low, the outside temperature is low, tire pressure is too low, soft tyres can be accelerated aging, serious and aggravate tire contact with the ground, will accelerate friction, reduce the tire life.

In winter, it is necessary to clean the impurity in the tread and try to avoid using more than one tire, and replace the tires with large wear and different brands. The tire is very different inside and outside. To ensure safety and reduce wear, replace the tire regularly.

In addition, good driving habits are also important in car maintenance, which is directly related to car owners. Started too hard, has shifted, emergency braking, up and down in the poor section of highway transportation, often delineated and scratches tires when parking barrier, will cause the serious wear of the tire, and thus the service life of tires. Therefore, good driving habits are one of the most direct and effective ways to maintain tires.

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