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Eight mistakes in tyre use and maintenance
May 07, 2018

The tire is an important part of the car, and all the carrying capacity, including the weight of the car, is supported and transported by the tire. The length of service life has a direct impact on transportation cost. Therefore, it is a compulsory course for drivers to choose and use tires scientifically. According to the author's years of research, exploration and interviews with experienced pilots, the following eight mistakes are summarized, which are for the reference and reference of the drivers' friends.

1. The mistake of choosing time.

The same specification and type of tires are divided into two types: car and truck. For example, 185R14 used tires for cars and 185R14C used tires for trucks. Although the difference of a letter, its tire load, the performance difference is very big, so can not mix the substitution. It is very dangerous to drive at high speed with a low - load tire.

Two, do not press regulation to inflate the erroneous zone.

The tyre is too high, the buffer of the tire force is abate, the vibration of the locomotive, increased the tyre pressure of irregular, rolling resistance increase, when you meet the bigger impact will even cause tube blasting; The tire pressure is too low, can make the tyre deformation too big, the rolling resistance increases, the tire is easy to be hot, easy to age damage, shorten the service life.

3. The erroneous zone of shifting, starting and braking.

Car at run time, if the shift started too hard, not only exacerbate tire body deformation, good long auto equipment, but also can make the friction between tire and ground, especially in the uneven or spikes, stones, bricks and other pavement is particularly intense; Excessive braking of the car often causes the body to "glide", causing the tire to slide against the ground, causing the tire to wear out faster.

Four, long - term sun, wind, rain.

Some car owners often take the car outdoors in the off-season, such a long time sun, wind, rain can cause the ageing of the tire, shorten its service life. Therefore, the car should be kept in a dry, cool and dark room for a long time, and the fuselage should be set up so as not to be permanently deformed and aged.

5. Randomly increase the error of car load.

All cars have a nuclear payload, and if the vehicle is overburdened with a long period of load, the design of the tire is more than the design of the tire, which can cause early acceleration and damage of the tires. Therefore, do not increase the load of the car at will.

6. Use sharp, sharp tools to disassemble tyres.

When the tire is dismounted, it is very easy to damage the inner and outer tires with sharp and sharp tools, and it is not allowed to beat the tire with iron tools. Notice at the same time, when disassembling tyres, don't put the sediment granular solid content, and the oil foreign body into the tire, car equipment, grilled tire machine, in case of shredded tires, or corrosion when disassembling tyres so to professional maintenance shop used by professional tire was installed (grilled tire machine) devices to operate, good long's no crow, zero contact series grilled tire machine can best protect your tires and rims.

Seven, not far from oil, alkali, acid pollution of the erroneous zone.

Diesel oil, oil, lubricating oil and other oil substances and acid, alkali stronger material has a great corrosion resistance to rubber tires. Therefore, do not allow these substances to contact the tyre to prevent corrosion and aging, and pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the tires regularly and keep the tires clean.

The mistake of driving on the road with sharp thorns and sharp edges.

The car is very easy to scratch the tread when driving on the bumpy road or on the road with rocks, broken bricks and broken glass. Therefore, to avoid the car on the road, really can not avoid the slow down, to avoid scratches, punctured tread.

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