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Classification of vehicle maintenance equipment
May 08, 2018

The development of the automotive maintenance equipment industry has a long development process, because the car was invented in the industrial revolution period, the economy developed capitalist countries take the lead to use and popularization of cars. The large use of automobiles is subject to maintenance and maintenance. At first, people used both hands and simple tools to repair cars, and these simple equipment and tools.

Vehicle maintenance and repair equipment in general can be divided into: automotive diagnostic equipment, detection equipment, maintenance and cleaning equipment, sheet metal paint equipment, maintenance supplies, repair tools, tire equipment, mechanical equipment, etc., due to the car maintenance equipment types and variety, strict classification is more difficult, but basically the mainstream industry classification method.

Automobile diagnostic equipment mainly includes car decoder, reading code card, data flow analysis, special computer, etc.

Detection analysis equipment including test rig, test line, locator, detector, leak detector, test, endoscope, sensor, brake, analyzer, oscilloscope, smokemeter and other testing equipment.

Maintenance cleaning equipment mainly includes automatic transmission oil change cleaning machine, power steering oil, butter, refrigerant recovery machine, filling machine nozzle cleaning detection equipment, polishing machine, polishing machine, suction machine suction machine, etc.

Sheet metal painting equipment mainly includes the paint room, the paint lamp, the paint room, the girder corrector, the ground gossip, the spray gun and so on.

The tire equipment mainly refers to the balance machine, the disintegrating machine, the nitrogen-filling machine, the tyre feeding machine and so on.

Maintenance supplies mainly includes repair paint, coolant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricants, repair agent, glass of water, sealant, putty, anti-rust agent, water tank, car wax, glaze, refrigerant, automobile and motorcycle with cleaner, tire polish, cars with adhesive, other maintenance supplies. In the broad sense of automobile maintenance equipment, car maintenance supplies can also be summarized as vehicle maintenance equipment.

Maintenance tools mainly refer to all kinds of maintenance tools for manual operation, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, group sets, tool cars, toolkits, workstations, etc.

Mechanical equipment also some car maintenance equipment inconvenience classification, accord with mechanical equipment attribute, the special induction is such, such as lift, jack, crane, crane and so on.

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