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Can the side of the tire be punctured to be able to be used to fill the fluid?
May 08, 2018

Tire repair liquid are very familiar with a product, this product for the owner friends is also very helpful, especially in the process of driving, by the tire in a flat time can use liquid tire repair, then by the tire side use tire repair liquid? Let me introduce you.

According to the arrangement of our small editor, it is better to change the tire on the side of the tire, which can hardly work. The specific reasons are as follows:

When the shortcomings after the tire side, lateral cord rupture, rubber with injury, if the simple do very hot fire fill, tire glue will suffer damage and aging itself, after repair place here and the rest of the tire is no longer a colloid, will certainly not for a long time, the place will appear crack (signs of aging), over time the tire also can't use! Now a new tyre repair method, is to tire broken cord repair back to the original arrangement, and use imported rubber, tire inside reinforced the tire repair piece of tape line, in the end, low temperature curing equipment heating low temperature sulfide (125 degrees), will fill fetal film, cord and rubber, that had more than the original repair good tyre in a layer of cord, the more solid and strong, stronger than the original tires.

Experiments show that this method of repair repair good tires can achieve equal to the original tire life, and the most important point also can test, the tire pressure is reduced, due to a lack of gas state of walking, running 1000 meters, the tyres will be removed, it can be seen that the rest of the tire has been rolling bad (with the exception of explosion-proof tire), and use this method to repair good place or not completely broken.

Small make up suggestion: if your tire tread pattern still is in more than 70%, if appear hard injury, can do a certain repair, the 5 cheng pattern below, suggest change a tire.

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